Training CISCP – Certified International Supply Chain Professional

Training CISCP Certified International Supply Chain Professional

Training CISCP Certified International Supply Chain Professional

Phitagoras Training and PASAS (Purchasing and Supply Association Singapore) is proud to present the Training CISCP – Certified International Supply Chain Professional.

CISCP certification is open to all persons who have relevant knowledge in supply chain and for those who want to gain a broad knowledge of International Supply Chain Management that can be applied in their organisation.

Prerequisite eligibility for the certification is a minimum of three years business experience with a Bachelor degree or five years of experience with a diploma.

This certification program will test for an understanding of contemporary international supply chain management. The increasing integration of all functions of the firm requires that supply chain professionals must be aware of the impact that logistical decision-making has on other elements of the firm’s strategic goals and objectives. In addition, the current supply chain professional must have an awareness of the changes in and increased use of technology, emphasis on strategic planning, and supply chain integration as a competitive imperative.

Key Objective Training CISCP Certified International Supply Chain Professional

  • Acquires knowledge and skills in a broad range of work activities, usually performed in a wide variety of tasks, some of which are complex and non-routine.
  • Exposes to emerging processes and technologies in evolving in the International business.
  • Understand logistics strategies and processes, the interrelationships between and within supply chain networks (generic knowledge)
  • Acquire special functional

Certification Content
Module 1 – Supply Chain Management
Module 2 – Value Chain Management / Cold Supply Chain
Module 3 – Logistics / Materials Management
Module 4 – Inventory Management
Module 5 – SCM Risk Management
Module 6 – Globalisation in SCM
Module 7 – Strategic Outsourcing
Module 8 – Warehousing and Distribution
Module 9 – Technology in SCM
Module 10 – SCM Project Management
Module 11 – SCM Leadership
Module 12 – SCM Corporate Social Responsibility
Module 13 – SCM Future

Who Should Attend

Supply Chain practitioner, Purchasing practitioner, Logistic practitioner, Warehouse and distribution practitioner, Marketing & Customer Service practitioner, Lecturer and University Student, and others who interested to widen their knowledge in supply chain management

Benefit of this certification program

Successful candidates are granted the designation and the designation may be used just as similar recognitions are employed in purchasing, logistics, supply chain management and other professions. Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual’s name on business cards, stationary, etc

The Certification is valid for only three years  from date of issue . The professionals will be required to renew their certification upon expired. Certification will be renewed after a review session and obtaining necessary industrial practice requirements according to our PASAS certification boards renewal criteria.

IAO accreditationAssessment

Completion of the certification program requires completion of an examination on multiple choice question (MCQ) and/or short questions and an industrial project. The assessment is prepared by Board of Examiners consist of a range of  certified practitioner and educator members from reputable University.

The Certification Program is administered  by PASAS Qualification Review Board (ORB) responsible for reviewing the eligibility of applicants, the conduct examination itself and notifying candidates of the results. It is also accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO)

Our Course Directors

SM Syed Ali, PASASSM Syed Ali, is currently the Training Director / Principal Consultant in Purchasing and Suppy Association Singapore (PASAS). Syed Ali also facilitates Training for ERC Institute of Singapore, Trust Management Centre (TMC), Suppy Chain Asia (SCA) both locally and overseas. Prior to joining PASAS, ERC, TMC, and SCA, he has held key Management positions in Multi National (Manufacturing) Companies working across the 3 regions in Asia, Europe and USA in regional and Global Supply Chain Logistics.

Syed has very vast experience in Supply Chain Logistics for about 30 years. He had moved into his passion of full time Training / Facilitating with his acquired knowledge and skills by coaching and sharing with his participants. Syed is also a People Association (PA) Singapore Authorized Trainer and a certified coach from TUV – SUD – PSB  – Singapore.

Syed has Project Managed and implemented successfully many major freight management, warehousing and distribution projects in his last 3 companies for his major Global Customers by physically managing it in USA, France, Holland, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, PRC, Hong Kong. Some of his key customers he had worked with CISCO, Siemens, Nokia, Huawei, HP, Ericsson, Motorola, Foxconn, Seagate and Samsung.

Syed is a registered Chartered Professional Logistician (CPL) and a Chartered Member of the Singapore Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics (CITL) since 2000. He has continued to work with his fellow logistics practitioners on benchmarking studies for the betterment of his training and facilitation sessions. Syed was educated in Curtin University, Australia, specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


USD $ 1000


Lunch, 2 x Coffee and snacks each day, Course Workbook & Training Kit

THE COURSE FEE EXCLUDES: Hotel accommodation


  1. Bali, 21 – 25 October 2013
  2. Bali, 18 – 22 November 2013
  3. Bali, 9 – 13 December 2013
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