Training GLP (Good Laboratory Practices)

Good Laboratory Practices is one of very good tools used to ensure that all the activities carried out in a laboratory comply with all regulations both local and international. Recently,  more and more laboratories adopt this practices to achieve an excellent level in their operation. As with ISO/IEC 17025, this practices assure that the output generated from their operation is valid, reliable, accurate and can be accepted internationally.


  1. Perception regarding What is GLP
  2. History of  GLP
  3. GLP versus ISO 17025
  4. Principles of GLP according to  OECD
  5. General Overview and Basic Points of GLP
  6. Resources : Personnel & facilities
  7. Rules: Protocol/Study Plan & SOP
  8. Characterization : Test Item & Test System
  9. Documentation : Raw data & Collection of data, Final Report, Archieve & Indexing
  10. Qualit Assurance Unit : Audit of Final report & Raw Data, Statement of Quality Assurance, Inspection of Supplier & Contractor
  11. Distribution & Archieving Report

After having been trained, all trainees are expected to be able to implement good laboratory practices and have a deep knowledge of monitoring the performance of their laboratory


  1. Researchers
  2. Quality Managers in Testing Laboratories
  3. Technical Managers in Testing Laboratories
  4. Supervisors in Testing Laboratories
  5. Technician in Testing Laboratories
  6. Head of Testing Laboratories
  7. All who involved in Research and the development of laboratory quality management system

14 hours effectively (2 days)

Yayan Setiawan, Ir
He is one of senior consultant of PT. Phitagoras Global Duta with deep experiences in providing many training and consultancy in laboratory quality management system based on  ISO/IEC 17025 and quality system based on (ISO 9000) since 1998.  His formal education is Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
His  professional carreer began with joining Dow Chemical Indonesia (1992 – 1994), PT. Polytama Propindo (1994 – 1998), dan PT. Australian Laboratory Services Indonesia (1998 – 2005).  Recently, he gives many training and consulting services to help industries, organizations, government institutions, laboratories, and other business sectors in implementing Quality Management System based on ISO/IEC 17025, among them are:  PT. Corelab Indonesia,   PT. Australian Laboratory Services Indonesia and the European Union – TSP Project in the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affair & Fisheries.
He is also one of the members of the Technical Sub-Committee for the Preparation of Indonesian National Standard in the field of  Environment in the Indonesian  Ministry of Environment and he is also an  ISO 17025 Certified Assessor.


  1. Jakarta, 30 – 31 Januari 2017
  2. Jakarta, 14 – 15 Maret 2017
  3. Jakarta, 23 – 24 Mei 2017
  4. Jakarta, 19 – 20 Oktober 2017


  1. Rp. 3.999.000,- Rp. 3.499.000,- (Normal Price)
  2. Rp. 2.999.000,- (Register and Paid 1 week before the course)
  3. For every four participants from one company, the 5th person is free
  4. Training facility: Training Module quality (hardcopy and softcopy), Training Kit, Souvenir, comfortable venue in hotels, Lunch, coffee / tea breaks, certificates, photos with all participants

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question)

Silahkan klik link ini atau link Frequently Ask Question untuk mengetahui pertanyaan – pertanyaan yang sering dilontarkan seputar Training yang kami selenggarakan.


  • PT.Effem Indonesia
  • PT.Tanjung Enim Lestari Pulp & Paper
  • Teknik Kimia ITI
  • PT.Dystar colour Indonesia
  • BPIB. PT.Tripolyta
  • PT.Adhya Tirta Batam
  • PT.Conoco Phillips Indonesia
  • Univesitas ATMAJAYA
  • PT.Australia Indonesian Milk Industries
  • PT. Sriboga Raturaya
  • PT. Sud – Chemie
  • Departemen KIMIA FMIPA UI
  • PT. Semen Gresik
  • Dep Kes RI
  • UPTD Balai Pengujian & Sertifikasi Mutu Barang
  • UI, Salemba
  • PT. Actavis Indonesia
  • ConocoPhillips
  • UI, Depok
  • PT. Dankos Farma
  • PT. Kalbe Farma
  • PT. Smart TBK
  • PT. Kievit Indonesia
  • PT. Adhya Tirta Batam
  • PT. Anugerah Surya Pratama
  • PT. Minamas Gemilang
  • Universitas Internasional Batam
  • Balai Penelitian Bioteknologi Perkebunan
  • PT. Bio Farmra (Persero)
  • Dellifood Sentosa Corpindo
  • PPE Sulawesi Maluku Papua (Suma Papua) KLH
  • PT. Dexa Medica
  • PT. Combiphar
  • PT. Champion Kurnia Djaja Technologies
  • PT. Surya Esa Perkasa
  • PT. PT. Antam

training GLP - Good laboratory practice

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