Training NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

Training NEBOSH Fire Certificate

Training NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management Presented By KBA Training Centre Pte.Ltd, Singapore & PT. Phitagoras Global Duta, Indonesia

The Training NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management is a new qualification for those with fire safety responsibilities in the workplace.

The training NEBOSH will assist personnel in carrying out fire risk assessments and identify the range of measures one will need to minimize the risk of fire in the workplace; thereafter help to raise the standards of fire risk management in workplaces across the world.


This Training NEBOSH qualification is designed for anyone with safety responsibilities in the workplace including:

  • Managers, supervisors and employee representatives.
  • Those with fire safety responsibilities at work.
  • Those looking to take on fire safety advisory roles.

A widely respected qualification which meets the requirements for Technical Membership of IOSH and Associate Membership of IIRSM.


  • Knowledge: Even in low-risk workplaces, protecting people and property from fire takes specialist know-how. The qualification gives you this knowledge.
  • Enjoyment: You’ll enjoy taking this qualification. You’ll discover skills and techniques that are useful and practical.
  • Achievement: The NEBOSH name is a mark of excellence in safety. People from all parts of the world are proud to have achieved our qualifications.
  • Recognition: When it comes to safety in the workplace, NEBOSH qualifications are what employers seek and are held in high esteem everywhere.
  • Career development: Gaining specialist knowledge of fire safety will give you an extra skill that could help bring success and advancement to your career.


  • A safer workplace: Fire safety is important. It protects people from injury and loss of life. It protects your property, your assets and your investment. People with the NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management know how help their employers avoid damaging and sometimes catastrophic losses that result from fire.
  • Assurance: An employer whose staff are NEBOSH qualified is an employer committed to safety. The NEBOSHInternational Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management provides an assurance of fire safety—something that can help employers achieve recognized standards and can even help to win new business.
  • Return on investment: An employee with this qualification has a practical set of skills that brings real value to the modern workplace.

Training NEBOSH Fire Certificate Course Content:

The Training NEBOSH International Fire Certificate course is split into three units of study, each of which is assessed separately:

UNIT IGC1: Management of International Health and Safety *

  • Foundations in Health and Safety
  • Policy
  • Organising for Health and Safety
  • Promoting a Positive Health and Safety Culture
  • Risk Assessment
  • Principles of Control
  • Monitoring, Review and Audit
  • Occupational Incident and Accident Investigation, Recording and Reporting

UNIT IFC1: Fire Safety and Risk Management

  • Managing Fire Safety
  • Principles of Fire and Explosion
  • Causes and Prevention of Fires
  • Fire Protection in Buildings
  • Safety of People in the Event of a Fire
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment

UNIT IFC2: Workplace-Based Practical Assessment (Fire Risk Assessment)

Note * – If you have been awarded a NEBOSH International General Certificate in the last 5 years you will be exempt fromIGC1 and can simply ‘top up’ with the specialist unit and practical assessment to achieve the new award.


The Training NEBOSH is assessed through written examinations for each of the units and a practical fire risk assessment. A unit certificate is issued denoting successful achievement of each unit. After successful completion of the two units and practical assessment, you will attain the certificate of NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management.

The Training NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management Schedule: 

  1. Bali, 18 – 22 March 2013
  2. Bandung, 9 – 14 September 2013

Investment of this Training NEBOSH :

USD $1999 (Course Fees) + USD $0.00 (Registration Fees) + USD $314 (Exam Fees) = USD $ 2313
Call +6221 70270400 for further information of Training NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

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